Lenders look at credit histories through a request to the credit bureaus. Through the credit report, lenders will see the borrower’s credit score, also called the FICO score and this information can be purchased from the credit bureaus TransUnion , Equifax and Experiean .

It will be easier to obtain a loan if you have a higher credit score. It is important to realize if there are any issues with your credit report. Maybe there is something on your report that is not supposed to be there or you are a victim of identity theft. Credit report errors can be disputed.

Here are some questions your lender may ask:

  • Is the credit score of the borrower considered to be good?
  • Does the borrower have a recent bankruptcy, late payments, or collections? If so, is there an explanation?
  • Are there excessive monthly payments?
  • Are credit cards maxed out?

By getting an overall picture of the borrower, the lender will determine the borrower’s eligibility.

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